What is this page all about ?

Concrete5 is probably one of the best CMS out there. Very easy to use, powerful and very versatile, it is overall an awesome product. At l'Agence de Rédaction Web, a French content strategy and copywriting for the web agency, we use Concrete5 daily for our own website, and we enjoy the best rankings in Google ! Yay ! Our parent company witwag, a web consultancy, has deployed dozens of websites with Concrete5 in the course of the past 3 years, smoothly and without problems.

We are not affiliated with Concrete5 in any way, but we believe that good software should be based on good user interface and clever use of technology. C5 does that so well. 

If, like some of us, you stared blankly at a Drupal screen (I wont even mention Joomla or Mambo here), just because you could not find that specific little thing you were looking for, then you should give Concrete5 a try. 

Drupal is a great product, of course, but Concrete5 is awesome and we just love it. So, check this little infographics below then try the CMS out. There is even a demo online for you to play with.

Don't forget to thanks the guys at Concrete5, and all the great people who donate their time and hard work to help build the perfect software. 

Concrete5, the best content management system